Christina Rae Elia

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18 year old student and MUA based in London, England.

Happily single.

All I want in life is road trips and mac and cheese.

Twitter/Instagram: @Nonelikerae

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hi! i just saw the thing about how you'd like to get your boobs bigger--i actually want a reduction, and i was wondering when you think you'd get yours done? i've no idea what age i should, you know. i'm 17 now.

Whenever you’re ready to really. Id wait till you’re 18+ sweetie until your body is finished growing.
I’ll probably get it done when I have the cash to and the time, I want my nose done first then a boob job so probably in like 3-5 years.

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Do you pronounce Rae as "Ray" or as something else. English isn't my first language so I've been wondering for months

It’s pronounced like Ray :) x

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You want to get your boobs bigger?

Bigger (only by a lil bit) and more perky.

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This is going to sound weird but do you work in a nandos, I saw someone that looked like you x

No I don’t lol.
I eat alot of nandos though. Bean burgers with two sides and grilled halloumi followed by chocolate cheese cake. MMHM

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